Aug 28

Anonymous said: When was the last time the two of you have been in a group cosplay together with 3 or 5 or more people? Do the two of you ever cosplay in a group without the other? And if not, why?

AWHILE ago. 

We tend to avoid groups because our cosplay plans change sooo much. And we hate feeling obligated if we loose interest, or have to do something by a deadline. We also don’t want people depending on us. We have enough trouble with our own plans!

Anonymous said: Why are you going blonde? I though you didn't like how your skin tone and blonde clashed? I like the blonde you have currently, are going lighter? Also, what happened to your eyebrows? D: I've noticed you've drawn them in alot in the past few months.

I really want to!

I still think my skin and blonde hair clash. But I’m sick of letting my insecurities get in the way. So FUCK IT. I’m gonna try and be blonde.

They just don’t grow much anymore. Especially after my Jack cosplay. And they don’t grow in the shape I want anyway. So now I just maintain their thin-invisible ness. Its irratating, but also a blessing because I can draw whatever shape I want now. 

Okay so I love painting on Photoshop. #nataliedormer #myart #art

Okay so I love painting on Photoshop. #nataliedormer #myart #art

Portrait practice! 

Portrait practice! 

Aug 27


Costume Horns: Simple Light Cheap by Kion CosplayView the full tutorial here:


Costume Horns: Simple Light Cheap by Kion Cosplay

View the full tutorial here:

Aug 26

Anonymous said: Hey Aicosu! I wanted to ask, do you have any Anime recommendations? My boyfriend is slowly getting into anime and so far he likes the serious types; like he enjoyed Attack on Titan. I'm having trouble coming up with ones he'd like since I usually watch a lot of rom-com and slice of life anime. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Code Geass! Samurai Champloo! Death Note! Gurren Lagan or Kill La Kill!  SA:O, Durarara!! To name a few.

Trying to get the hang of photoshop painting. NOT DONE!! #myart #anyexcusetodrawben #benwhishaw

Trying to get the hang of photoshop painting. NOT DONE!!

#myart #anyexcusetodrawben #benwhishaw


Aug 25


Paper Mache Tricks and Tips



In the age of thermoplastics and resins paper mache seems a little unglamorous and low-tech, but I think it’s still worth considering as a material if you’re getting into prop and armor-making.  If you have low budget for your project but plenty of time in which to complete it, it’s worth considering.

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Aug 24

Aftermath! #als #icebucketchallenge #plsdonate #everdollarcounts

Aftermath! #als #icebucketchallenge #plsdonate #everdollarcounts


ajsmusicmadness said: Hi you awesome folks, I asked a while back about treating craft foam armor before or after painting it. I just wanted to say, though I did my first piece [plated shoulder armor] wrong, I followed your advice for my bracers and they look so stunning and real and metallic. My costume will be amazing thanks to you. THANK YOU!!

Ahhh congratulations!! While I’m glad we helped at all — I’m sure they look stunning because you yourself did them!!! :D

deathbypuddley said: Sheila. why is it taking you 3 weeks to dye your hair blonde? Isn't dying your hair like a 15 minute thing? Just curious.

No no no no! I’m not just dying it blonde — I’m bleaching it. Bleaching is harder than dying (you can only dye dark, you cant dye light) and its also extremely damaging to your hair. 

I have to do it in stages because my hair is sooo black. And you gotta wait 2-3 weeks AT LEAST to give your hair a rest between bleachings. Going from black to gold blonde is definitely a process.