Sep 23


Disney at the Ren Faire!


Oh, my. We had a brilliant, brilliant day! Everyone knew who each princess was supposed to be, all the girls looked beautiful, and there were lots of little girls who wanted a hug or a picture with their favorite. We had a BLAST!

(Tagging aicosu again, just in case Sheila is curious to see how they all came out. :) Plus I’m pretty sure she used the same bodice as Tiana for her Enchantress cosplay.)


Sep 20

Minfilia materials! #ffxiv #cosplay #progress

Minfilia materials! #ffxiv #cosplay #progress

Shopping for minfilia! #cosplay #fabricdistrict #minfilia #ffxiv

Shopping for minfilia! #cosplay #fabricdistrict #minfilia #ffxiv

Sep 19

I have 11 days to make this, starting tomorrow.

I have 11 days to make this, starting tomorrow.


Anonymous questions are disabled until further notice.

And all messages in the inbox currently, will be deleted. 

Anonymous said: I think it's ridiculous that you will obviously answer recent questions not related to helping people at all. I bet you are just deleting them.

I have been getting…. A lot of these types of asks lately. 

Please understand anon that we get 20+ asks a day. I’m not sure how many times I can stress that. 

Sure, I answer recent asks that followers ask if it’s related to recent posts. Mostly because they are on top. And they are easy to answer.

Just as hard as it is for you to figure out the answer to your question, it’s hard for me to sit down and sift through the information for you. 

I want you to know that despite having other things in my day to day that i like to do. Unfortunately I am a full time employee and while I try to do what I can to help everyone, sometimes there are other things I want to do then search for other people’s wigs and cosplay references. 

I choose to help people. I am not obliged to do so. 

And if you are depending on me to answer you in order to finish your costume, I advise you start learning the ways of research in order to find an answer yourself. 

In most cases, I can copy and paste an ask into google and the answer is in the top 5 search results. “Cosplay tutorial sailor moon tiara” BAM. Right there. 

But I don’t mind linking you, or finding wigs for you, or giving my best advice on how I might go about building 20-ft-wings. 

But remember that I do this because I love to do it. 

Do not make me hate doing it. 

If you respect me enough to come to me for advice on your work, respect that I need time to give you my full attention. 

Sep 18

fragmentedvisions said: Sheila, have you watch any of The Hour? It stars Ben Whishaw as a tv news producer in the 60s. It's amazing.

iwatchedallofitanditwasterriblecanyoubelievethatfuckingending?Whowoulddothattosomeoneasperfasfreddie?Icriedsohardsylarhadtowetatoweltowipemyface. itwashumiliating. 





Drawing the other bae. #nataliedormer  #mockingjay #hungergames #myart

Drawing the other bae. #nataliedormer #mockingjay #hungergames #myart

So, I rushed to finish this by midnight — only to find out the MikuExpo contest doesn’t require a submitted artwork — just a url to a portfolio. OTL Oh well, hope they see it anyway! Hahah! 

So, I rushed to finish this by midnight — only to find out the MikuExpo contest doesn’t require a submitted artwork — just a url to a portfolio. 


Oh well, hope they see it anyway! Hahah! 

Sep 17

santenkeshun said: A long while back, I remember you (Aicosu) had plans of a cosplay retirement date, where you thought you were going to bring things to a close. Now your careers are very much orientated around your interests, what made that change? It must be an interesting story!

You basically just said it! 

Cosplay because so much of our lives we realized that we wanted to do things related to it as our careers, since it is our passion. Once we established that, we decided that continuing to cosplay would only help our portfolios and experiences!



wtf do i even wear on a date



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