Apr 24

Anonymous asked: My bff and I wanted to cosplay as Chanter Board operators from Dragon Age at a con--with like a sign with different little trivia questions on it as "quests" to give out to people. I don't suppose this sort of interactivity is weird for a con? Like do you think people would participate for fun and chocolate coins?

I totally think so!! 

At a lot of conventions theres things like cosplay scavenger hunts where you have to find certain cosplayed characters who will give you pins. Or there’s events you have to attend or things to do in order to find convention ribbons thats free and fun and just a race to see how many you can get. (And you gotta do things to get the ribbon, like draw for the artist one or dance for the ‘awesome dancer’ one etc etc.) 

Most times those are convention sponsored events though. So you can always email programming for a con and see if you can get it passed. 

I see no harm in doing it on your own then. 


Apr 23


Anonymous asked: Hey Sheila! I see you and Sylar a lot in cosplay videos. Do videographers approach you first or do you ask to be in them? How would you go about asking if you wanted to be showcased?

Nah, usually the social norm is that they approach us.  Most videographers have a project in mind, or specialize in certain videos. They go to cons to seek out certain cosplays that catch their eye. 

In every case that we’ve been in a video, they’ve approached us and asked if we would like to join in. Usually its spontaneous.

However, I don’t think it would hurt to contact a videographer in you are interested in being filmed. many have facebook pages or channels! Just be aware that they may respond saying they prefer to pick and choose at cons. 


“Cosplay Tip #1: Starting your cosplay “too early” is the best time to start.” —

Story Time!

My first few cosplays were terrible. Each one was made the night before the convention day. I thought “They’re simple. I can do it in no time.” My Friday cosplay (though it was a rather simple) took me from 10pm-5:30am. My Saturday cosplay; 10pm-4am. Both fell apart by the end of the day.  My Sunday cosplay never even happened because I didn’t have time to even finish the shirt. By the way, I had to wake up no later than 7am to get to the con.

Pulling all-nighters on a cosplay is not a great idea. It is very unlikely you will  have time to add important details when you rush the construction of a prop or outfit. You’ll attend the con exhausted from the lack of sleep and that ruins the fun.

In short:

Have Fun!

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A wild Sheila of Aicosu has been spotted! (Found her here —> <—)

This was part of Nerd Reactor’s #Selfie video — which is AMAZING! Go check it out!!!


A wild Sheila of Aicosu has been spotted! (Found her here —> <—)

This was part of Nerd Reactor’s #Selfie video — which is AMAZING! 

Go check it out!!!

Anonymous asked: Hi, I was wondering if you could help me with a cosplay thing please. I'm trying to put together a sort of faun costume and I made some small antlers to go with, very lightweight, just model magic over tinfoil. I'm not planning on wearing any kind of wig and headbands give me massive headaches. Do you know any other ways I can get these on my head? Thanks so much for your time and potentially your help, and I hope your day is wonderful. c:

Are they lightweight enough to mount onto some hairclips? Or hair combs? Otherwise I know of some horns from the renaissance fair that have strings attached that you tie around your head (not very stable though)


Apr 22

Anonymous asked: Hey Sheila, I was wondering where you got your green stockings for Enchantress? Did you make them or buy them at a store?

They were tights I cut into stockings! I bought them at target for like 8 bucks.

unabletosaveyoursoul asked: Hi! I was just wondering how Sheila made the "ruffle butt" skirt on the Enchantress cosplay. I love it and was thinking of doing something similar for a Poison Ivy cosplay, Thanks :)

I used this tutorial! 

York In The Box took this amazing photo of my Enchantress. Ugh the colors in his shots are to die for!Cosplay is by Aicosu!

York In The Box took this amazing photo of my Enchantress. Ugh the colors in his shots are to die for!

Cosplay is by Aicosu!


Anonymous asked: WOAHHH what contacts did you use for your zatanna? They're so bright! Amazing cosplay!

Dolly Eye Blue!

merlend asked: Did you see your Enchantress corset, or buy it? If you sewed it I would love to know what pattern you used. I don't cosplay but I want a corset, but don't want squished corset boobs, and that one looks like it has space for them. Real. Live. Space.

I bought it! It was wicked cheap.

Had I had to have made it though —- here’s a tutorial

Yo — while it may have LOOKED like there was space for my boobs (there was but…) they still felt a bit squished. And I was worried if I learned over too far you might have seen the one part I didn’t want to show (know what I’m saying?)