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oh my gosh I'm a really really big fan of both your cosplays and once I read that you two are a fan of Penny Dreadful sdfghjkl I can imagine Sheila as Vanessa Ives and Sylar as Dorian >u< Oh by the way I was also in your first Tahorra livestream!

OH HEY!!! I have pictures of your Desna saved on my computer!!!! We love you back!!! 

I’m all for Vanessa — but we prefer Sylar as Frankenstein rather than Dorian. (I may or may not have a gigantic crush on Victor.) 

Sheila whats Sylar's sexiest cosplay? Sylar whats sheilas?

Sheila: Sylar’s sexiest cosplays (I cant pick one) for me are:



Sylar: Sheila’s sexiest are:

Hi, I love your cosplays a lot. Question for you though, what was the hardest costume you've made, the easiest, and the funnest?





ah hi your cosplays are absolutely amazing and i was wondering if you guys are going to cosplay from dragon age inquisition when it comes out (and if so who?) thank you!

No not yet. We don’t know any of the characters very well. 

It takes awhile for Sylar and I to decide on characters to cosplay. We like being characters we love and relate too. Most of our costume debuts are later than the show/series/games debut because we want to be sure we want to cosplay them. 

Cause it sucks committing to something only to loose interest or realize you like something else better. Especially when that commitment is an expensive time consuming cosplay. 

Are you part of a lot fandoms? It seems like more 10+...How can you do all that cosplay. I'm extremely jealous...P.s I've been stalking your tags, your cosplays always always come out beautifully.

We like a lot of things yes. We are huge Bioware fans, Sheila is in love with Dishonored, we are Fannibals, and Game of Thrones nerds. We love Penny Dreadful (no cosplays…yet), and Marvel. We like a lot of things and we cosplay a lot. 

We arent the biggest contributers to fandoms though. Aside from our cosplay.  

I think that anon was asking if it was "okay" to cosplay things that weren't anime or manga. Like Disney stuff. I don't think they were asking you guys to.

Ah okay! That makes much more sense in retrospect. It seemed directed because of the ‘you.’ 

Argh that’s still frustrating though. 

I love answering questions, I really really do. Most of my extensive knowledge of the cosplay world comes from getting questions I don’t know the answer too — I spend a lot of time figuring out the answer to bring to my asks because I know what its like to be lost in this vast and complicated world. Especially when you have to make something really weird like a jet pack — or get your wig to look like snakes. 

BUT I get really frustrated with questions where the answer is really only a click away. ON my blog. 

Pictures of me in my Elsa cosplay are literally a page over on this blog. (Actually, you can just scroll down, we have infinite scrolling.) Not to mention I have a button on our sidebar to take you to our cosplays. 

I’ve been getting those a lot lately. Questions that are on the FAQ, which I have reminders to read. Or questions that would take only a little searching. 

It’s hard getting those. Because I have no choice but to delete them. I hate ignoring questions but nowadays I get a ton, and there are other questions with more pertinent specific questions that get priority over “where can I get contacts” (on the FAQ there are links) 

So when I get something like “I like your Elsa, Sylar should be Jack Frost.” (Literally got this yesterday)  It’s a little frustrating. 

Some cosplays we have done that are NOT anime/manga. 


We have more here.

Can you cosplay something that isn't from a manga nor an anime? For example, a Disney character.





So this is probably a dummy dumb drop of a question but I wana take better care of my wigs, where cud I get one if those wig head manican things? ;0;

Most beauty supply store have them. Like Sallys! Look up local wig/beauty store and give em a call. They are pretty cheap. 

Or you know, the Internet. 

Hey. I was wondering what got you into cosplay? And like - how did you get your confidence to do it? It looks like something I want to try, because I am obsessed with anime and manga, and I have seen some cosplays that are just jaw dropping. But -c-

"-c- I’m terrified of looking like an idiot. Especially compared to awesome pros like you. So - have you got any tips on how to get into cosplay? And the best way to make your first costume or something if you’re a complete noob like me? Thank -c-"

We get our confidence to cosplay FROM cosplaying. You just got to stick it through your nerves to get to that first costume done and into character. 

I mean, that’s really why cosplaying was done. You get a chance for a day to be someone else and everyone also sees you as that character. It’s amazing! And people like enjoying that magic with you. 

There really isn’t anything like literally stepping into a fictional characters shoes and having everyone recognize you as them. 

Especially when you cosplay someone you admire and love — theres no avoiding loving yourself in return. Because your love for that character spreads to yourself once you are them and BAM confidence galore. 

PLUS you meet amazing friends and people from it. Because just by seeing you as their favorite character they have already bonded with you on a deep level of story, lore, character pschology and more. 

hello! i saw your maya cosplay and it's amazing! i plan on cosplaying her and i'm having a bit of trouble choosing the right wig for her. I looked it up and saw many picked one from Arda wigs but I was curious as to what wig you used and if you dyed it or styled it and all that jazz. thank you!

Oh no man, my wig was horrendous. It was an old miku wig (waaayy too teal, and way too bright) I tried to paint. Personally, I hated it and it only looked right because of my photoshop skills. 

This is one I like for Maya.  Contrary to popular belief — I think Maya’s hair is quite dull at its base. So I would take a wig like that and then lightly use some watered down acrylic paint to brighten the top of the head. 

Do you think you guys will ever do howl+Sophie from howls moving castle because that would be the best thing since sliced bread

Are you psychic!?

Hi! This is an odd question but one of my difficulties with cosplay is being too small. I've always been small for my age (I'll be 22 in a month). Its caused problems for me in the past with people saying I looked sickly or anorexic. It gets to me with clothes or trying to plan a cosplay, I just see my collar and shoulder bones sticking out and the disservice to the character by being so scrawny. I was wondering you had any advice for a smaller cosplayer? Thank you in advance.

My advice for you is the same I give to everyone about their body insecurities, no matter what they are. 

Keep cosplaying!

Just keep doing what you are doing. Cosplay is for everyone and specifically for yourself. What other people think about you is irrelevant to what you want to do. And try not to limit yourself to characters you think aren’t fit for you — do them anyway. Its the only thing that will make you feel better. Because avoiding them and wishing you could do them will only make you sad. 

I firmly believe that becoming someone else, even on the surface can be an extreme confidence booster to you personal mindset. And it need be, cosplaying characters out of your body element may be a motivation to remain healthy and happy. :)

Hi there! I'm making a Hawke cosplay and I'm just making the gaunlet from craft foam and I like it but I wondering if there is anything I can do to the spikes coming off the fingers tips to harden them so they don't bend out of shape or crinkle if they bump into something? Thankyou so much!

Meh not really. Thats the sacrifice of craft foam. It’s gonna be filmsy, even if you seal it in mod podge and gesso and wood glue. 

If you want, you could back the craft foam with a heavy cardstock, or a plastic! But unless you cover it with worbla, the stuff will be filmsy on the surface. 

I present our Attack on Titan cosplays!!!! Sponsored by Cain & Rin (thanks so much for letting us borrow your gear!) 

Cosplay by us! Photos by Eurobeat!