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Frequently. Asked. Questions


Thank you for hitting up the F.A.Q page before asking your question! 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Why do you guys have tons of asks about cosplay advice?
It just kind of happened that way! When we started our tumblr, we never promoted being a ‘Cosplay Help’ blog. And we still don’t exactly advertise that. We just began to have a few people asking how we made stuff, or how we would make something they needed help with. Sheila has always been excited and willing to help out and then it snow balled into what you see today. 

2. Can you tag your asks so I can Tumblr Savior them?
YES. Add the word ‘AiAsk' to your blacklist. We add this improvised 'tag' at the end of each answer. This should effectively filter our asks. THIS FILTERS OUT ALL OUR ASK QUESTIONS EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT ADVICE QUESTIONS.

3. My question wasn’t answered! What happened!?
A few things may be the cause. You may have asked a question that is here on the FAQ. Or perhaps you asked a question that was not a question but a simple comment (we do not always answer those.)  Has it been 48 hours? It takes at least 48 hours for us to answer every question in the inbox. So please wait until at least this long before sending it again. 

If it is none of the above— tumblr has eaten your question! Send it again— we DO NOT delete questions randomly.

4. Where do you get your cosplays?
Unless otherwise stated, Sheila makes all Aicosu’s cosplays. 

5. Where do you buy your wigs? What do you recommend?
EVERYWHERE. We buy mostly from various and random ebay sellers (we love ebay) and some other off hand sellers. If you have a specific wig of ours you are wondering about, you may ask us about that specific wig.  And if you are looking for a recommendation for a wig, please ask for a recommendation and let us know what character you need the wig for.  WE ALSO LOVE ARDA WIGS

6. Where do you buy colored contacts? Where can I buy colored contacts? What if I have a prescription?
We buy from,, and for all our favorite contacts and specifically circle lenses. We also recommend, and for more choices.  They are all very cheap (20-35 bucks) and ship within 2-3 weeks. They have choices for power if you need a prescription.

7. How did you meet?
We both met at a Ball Masquerade at a local convention. We hit it off and began dating. Sylar expressed his desire to cosplay Lelouch from Code Geass. Sheila helped him achieve that, and became his Shirley Fennette. OTP! <3

8. Can you come to “——-” convention?
Conventions we attend are determined by location and finance. You can find out what conventions we are planning to attend on our website here.

If you want us to attend your local convention and you see that we are not planning too, email your local convention’s programming directer to suggest us as your cosplay guest. We have booking information here that you can send to said programming director!

9. Do you do commissions?
Yes! But currently Sheila is booked INDEFINITELY. We will announce when we are open again.

10. How do I get my eyebrows to match the color of my wig?
Seal your eyebrows with elmers glue/a glue stick first. Just a thin layer to press your eyebrow hair down to your skin. When it dries, color your eyebrows with acrylic or tempura paint (eyeliner or eye shadow colors work great too)! And Ta Da! Colored brows. I also recommend eyeliner pencils in odd colors & body paint crayons.

Also, if the character you are cosplaying has weirdly shaped brows, or just thin brows, you can put foundation on before the paint to hide the original shape of your eyebrows and then redraw them in the new color.

11. How to you keep your wigs so clean?/How do I untangle my wig?
We use hair detangler to keep our wigs clean, and hairspray to prevent them from getting them tangled. Always use a wig brush and brush from the bottom of the strands, to the roots. Also this tutorial will work wonders on your wigs!

12. How old are you guys?

Sylar is 21 and Sheila is 23.

13. Do you guys diet/work out? How do you stay fit?

We don’t diet, work out, or exercise. We are terrible at being healthy. We love our fast food, our sweets, and playing video games. Though both of us do walk a lot out of necessity.

14. How long have you been dating?

4 years!!

15. What fabric/materials should I use for “——-” cosplay?

Fabric in cosplay is highly interpretive. It’s all about what you think is going to look best. There are no rules in cosplay, especially since your making a costume, not a true piece of fabric for daily wear. So your fabric choices are unlimited. You have to pick out the fabric yourself!

The best thing I can advise with fabric is to print out or bring a lot of reference pictures of your costume with you to the fabric store or to good will or wherever you get your material. Then walk down the aisles and try and match the color as best you can. When you got your color, FEEL the fabric and see if its too heavy or too light for what your making. Do you want shiny fabric? See through fabric? Leather? Rough and heavy for a jacket? Use your best judgement!

16. I’m a beginner cosplayer/this is my first cosplay — what advice can you give me?
YES! Click here for all my advice!

17. Where does ‘Aicosu’ come from?
Aicosu comes from a play on Ai (愛) and the ‘Cosu’ of Cosplay (コスプレ). We wanted to play on the fact that we were a couple cosplay team, and also use a name that was catchy and familiar to the cosu- affix that trends in the hobby. So we are literately Aicosu (愛コス). As in Love-Cosplay or Lovers-Cosplay.

18. Is Sylar missing a tooth?

It literally is what it is, there’s not much to explain. Sylar’s missing a tooth because the original tooth was snaggled, rotten and needed a root canal. While his health insurance covered the procedure, it will not cover a replacement because it’s considered cosmetic. And fake teeth are actually pretty expensive. Sometime in the future it will be fixed. :)

19. How did you make _______ costume? 

The full details of how we made every single one of our costumes can be found on their own page on our website here! 

20. How do you attach your armor? How do you put your armor on your bodysuit/clothing?
I either make elastic/velcro straps to wrap around my limbs (which is attached the the actual pieces withe E600 glue) OR I attach the armor directly to my clothing/bodysuit with E600 glue or vinyl adhesive. 

21. What is the best body paint/sealer?
I personally adore Ben Nye’s creme colors & sealer. Apply it with a makeup sponge and dab! Hairspray is also a fantastic sealer if you find yourself without some. It doesn’t sweat off but it will stain clothes and after a long day it can smear (just be sure to bring some with you to reapply.) 

22. How did you make Grell’s teeth?
Grell’s teeth were made from shaved down acrylic nails glued to an invisalign retainer. If you don’t have a retainer — you can make a mold of your teeth like this!

23. Do you have advice to overweight people who want to cosplay?/ What should I do if I’m overweight and want to cosplay a skinny character?
Cosplay who you want no matter what!  (also see here.

24. Do you guys have sex in your cosplays?
We are a couple, dressing up as each other’s fantasy character crushes and love interests from video games and movie. OF COURSE we do. 

25. Is there a makeup that will cover my tattoos?
Dermablend!  Example  Models use it all the time.

26. What sewing machine do you have/ How can I learn to sew?
I own and use a Singer Heavy Duty 4411. I love it! Great for beginners in cosplay and able to do advanced works. 

My father personally taught me to sew but if you are looking to learn I recommend attending a class. Its the best way to really get to know your machine. Joann’s has a sewing 101 class at select stores that costs only 35 bucks for a few hours. :) 

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