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Hi guys. You’ve probably seen the post going around about the Dolorosa cosplayer who was harassed at Anime Boston. The fact that this happened at all really concerns me, so I made this video just outlining some con etiquette and some things that are good to know when attending a con. I’ve listed them below, in case you don’t want to listen to me ramble on for seven minutes. 

  • Respect all fandoms. Regardless of how overwhelming or uncool you think their series is, respect them. They’re just there to express how much they love a series or game or webcomic, and there is no need to rain on anyone’s parade
  • Do not touch ANYONE you do not know without permission. Do not hug or glomp cosplayers without asking first. Costumes (and the person themselves!) can be fragile.
  • Do not physically harass anyone! I don’t understand why someone would consider this an okay thing to do.
  • Ask before taking a photo. This is happening more and more often in that people take photos of cosplayers without asking. Please ask! It’s polite and it’ll land you a nicer photo.
  • When someone says no, they mean no. This goes for any situation, whether it you’ve asked them for hugs, a revealing pose, or fan service. If they are not comfortable with it, don’t push them.
  • Similarly, don’t be afraid to say no. Just because you are cosplaying a “sexy” character does not mean you have to do “sexy poses” if you aren’t comfortable with it. You aren’t obliged to hug or touch anybody either, and the person asking should respect that.
  • Look out for your friends. I understand that it’s very busy at a convention because there are so many things to see and attend, but be aware of your surroundings. Ward off fangirls before they land a glomp, warn your friends if someone seems sketchy, and your company will likely ward off anyone looking to physically harass a stray homestuck fan.
  • Ask for help. This is probably the most important thing on here. Sometimes, you attend cons by yourself, you can’t find your friends, or both you and your friends still feel vulnerable. If you are being harassed or if you feel like you are being followed, approach other groups of cosplayers. Most cosplayers are friendly and are willing to stick with you until you’re in a safer location, if you explain to them that you don’t feel safe on your own. Some of them are more experienced and can alert con staff if you continue to be harassed.

Thanks for reading or watching and I hope this was helpful. I’m sorry for slurring my words or if I got really mom-ish and derpy towards the end- I really want cons to be a good experience for everyone and being safe is part of that.

Guys listen to my beautiful kismesis, she’s got some really good advice!! <3

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