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Legend of Korra Giveaway!

I have two exclusive posters from SDCC, and you can enter to win on tumblr or Facebook. One poster is adult versions of the Avatar: The Last Airbender characters and the second is Legend of Korra characters. The posters were donated to me by some good friends of mine for this contest, Mailorder and Gladyfaith.

Rules of the contest for tumblr (up to 8 entries)

  1. This is a requirement. You MUST follow I will be checking the winner’s tumblr to make sure that it’s not a dummy account.

  2. Liking this post counts as an entry.

  3. Reblogging this post counts as an entry. You can reblog up to 7 times.

  4. Contest runs until August 13th, 2012 for both tumblr and Facebook.

Rules of the contest for my facebook fanpage (up to 7 entries)

  1. You must LIKE my fanpage I will be checking the profile for an actual picture of a person.
  2. This exact picture with me and the posters will be posted onto my fanpage as my cover photo. You can LIKE the picture for one entry, SHARE the picture for one entry, and you may COMMENT on the picture for one entry. There is a limit of 5 comments you may leave on the photo for up to 5 entries.
  3. IMPORTANT!!!! If you share the photo, you must change your post to “public” or I won’t be able to see it. If I can’t see it, I won’t be able to count it as an entry. :(

Selecting only ONE winner

  1. I will randomly pick 5 people from tumblr LIKES and REBLOGS

  2. I will randomly pick 5 people from the LIKES on the photo on Facebook

  3. I will randomly pick 5 people that shares the photo on Facebook

  4. I will randomly pick 5 people that comments on the photo on Facebook

  5. Then I will randomly draw a name out of those 20 people for the winner. I ship posters to you for free in USA. If you are international, then it’s not free. Good luck!

Message me with any questions on tumblr or Facebook. :)

HEYA!! Our friend Gackto is doing a Korra Giveaway and I KNOW that our followers would be interested in winning!


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