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Wow, that took forever to edit. (As some of you know from our twitter feed.)

This is our contest entry! Whoo!

Honestly, this was just so much fun to make. There were sooooo many clips that didn’t go into this. Like Isabella’s singing and Fenris making fun of Hawke who couldn’t start her Fireball. Or Varric and Hawke teaching Fenris the ABC’s…

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    I love this xD “Don’t hump it!”
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    NO IT WASNT SHITTY. I just had to make the video somewhat shorter. I can throw up an outtake video though and include...
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    The singing was MAAAHHHVAHLOUUUS.
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    Oh, but … I meant my singing. I meant if my singing was shitty. :I
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    "Don’t! Don’t hump it!!!" lol I want that as my incoming text tone.
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  13. ionsfolly said: Bwah! I will never get the image of Fenris humping the chest out of my head now. Brilliant all the way around. :D
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    Everyone, this is awesome. Isabella and Fenris sound just like their character, Varric is perfect and Hawke is just...