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Hey x I'm planning to go to a con as Margaery Tyrell, and was wondering if you had any advice on how to recreate a bodice similar to the one you made? Thanks x

It’s really all in the pattern.

This is the shape I came up with for Margaery. From top to bottom it measures from behind my neck to the top up my waist (just below my ribs). The two pieces with overlap enough to hide the lower part of your cleavage. 

Also - VERY IMPORTANT — there are straight darts to accommodate your breasts, here and here (in red.) So when you cut your fabric, take into account an inch in that area you are going to pinch together to make the dart.


Trying this on or using a mannequin will really, really help. 


^Dont worry about that extra fabric on the bottom, I ended up cutting it off. 

When I was finishes sewing it to the skirt, I sewed on some ribbon on the top of the halter that I can tie tighter or looser in order to keep the whole thing up. I also sewed the front panels together when I was done, that way they didint part open and show my boobs unexpectedly. 


That being said — this pattern has the tendency to wrinkly oddly at the breasts when you slouch. So long as you keep your shoulders taut you will be fine — but it is very annoying.  Its a problem that could be solved with a second set of darts somewhere — but from the reference photos of margaery — she doesn’t have ANY darts to begin with. 


^See? UGH.  Annoying. That being said — If I just pinch that part of the fabric together and make another dart — it wouldn’t happen anymore. 

Here’s a shot of the back with the shoulder piece and ribbons if you want it. 


As far as the shoulders go — they are a VERY specific shape. I made them like six times before I got it.  

Here I made this shoddy drawing for you:

Okay so — the black outlines are the shape of the shoulders. That way they flare out straight but curve around your back into the bodice to make an armhole. THAT CURVE IS SUPER IMPORTANT> 

The red x’s are where the shoulder has to be tacked or sewn down to the corners on the bodice (you can see it obviously on the pictures of the bodice pieces up at the top of this post. 

The pink x’s are about where you tack on the front of the shoulders — according to wherever you arms end up. 

FINALLY — and just to throw it in there because why not — I made the skirt with this tutorial.  Just make sure you have enough fabric to cut Margaery’s skirt all in one go —- because her’s is pretty long. 

Hope this all helps you!! 



Yes! Does that mean y'all are going to cosplay LokiXDarcy?! Do you ship them?

Darcy is way cool, but we ship Loki with Sigyn. No ifs, ands, or maybes!

sheila looks like kat dennings in the face, especially in the newest cosplay photoset. get down with ya bad self gurl

Does this mean a Darcy cosplay!?

Do you guys have more candid shots of your cosplays? I find it interesting the pictures of cosplayers not posing.

We actually…. do not have a lot hahah!!! But I’ll post them in a set for you, they arent loading in this box. 

Do you guys have any embarrassing middle school photos, or were you always this attractive?

Where did I put those puberty pictures…

Oh yeah. 

Have a comparison of our oldest and newest cosplays too, just for kicks. 

What was the very first cosplay that you have ever done? =^.^= I love you two, by the way.

Sheila’s was Tifa Lockhart! 

And Sylar’s was Emperor Lelouch! 

Maybe you got this already but, the lead writer for Dragon Age used a picture of Sylar in his Male Morrigan cosplay as reference.

Yes! We were thrilled when he did so!! 

We actually know David pretty well. We met him a couple years ago at the Bioware base when we entered the Bioware cosplay competition at SDCC! We’ve since seen him a few times at PAX and NYCC, so we laughed a little when he posted Sylar’s morrigan. 

How did you get a job with cirque and what credentials did you have to use? I'm not asking you to expose anything personal, just what education did you need to get the job or something, if that makes sense. I am interested in the idea, as an option of sorts :/

I applied after finding the position on indeed under ‘wardrobe!’ 

The credentials were, you must have some experience with handling costumes and you MUST know how to hand. Gotta know the basics of stitching and its not hard to learn. Also, they were looking for someone who had experience with theatre or live entertainment, because its a fast paced environment and you gotta learn how to adapt and work well under pressure. 

If a russian man runs over to you a minute before his act and tells you his zipper is broken, you gotta be able to whip out a paper clip and work magic without sweating about it. 

I fucking hate you girls who pretend to love comics for fucking followers.

sheila whats it like working for cirque? what do you do?

Its sick as fuck, yo!

Like I said before, I can’t talk much about it. I’m not sure how much I can say, and I’d rather not cross any lines.  It’s amazing, a dream come true though. And every moment is really cool and unreal. 

I’m a wardrobe assistant. So my job is repair and maintenance. I sew up holes, repair zippers, replace rhinestones and crystals, paint shoes, fix masks, and so on. I also run ques for the show. Quick changes back stage and helping performers in and out of their costumes, etc. Making sure so-and-so’s shoes get put back in their wardrobe after their preformance…. 

And laundry. Loads and loads of laundry. 

What contacts did you use for your Maya cosplay? They look somewhat lighter than the ones you've used for Korra and Elizabeth for some reason. Are they the same ones? Thanks for the tip!

I used photoshop! I’m sorry! I’m a big fat liar. They are just my DollyEye Blue ones with Photoshop retouching cause I’m too lazy to by a lighter blue set.

Because like why, I would use them once amiright?

Hi:3. I have really oily skin and make makeup eds up sliding or caking up on me. Can you recomend me some affordable products that can help me avoide the makeup disaster. Thank you :D

First off, start checking the labels on your makeup. Especially for foundation and concealer. Stop using oil based products. This will make your problem worse. Try using lightweight foundations and powders, that are wax or water based.

Also, cleansing your face and moisturizing BEFORE you put on makeup should help loads.

And lastly, they do sell wipes that soak up oil off your face an help prevent it f your in a pinch

And lastly lastly, don’t ever ever ever sleep with makeup on. THATS TO EVERYONE. So bad for you, stop it.

Just a quick, curious question, so don't feel bad about skipping it, but how many siblings do each of you have?

Sheila has four. Two brothers an two sisters

Sylar has three brothers and one sister. So four as well!

My boyfriend has shown interest in cosplaying with me, but he said he thinks wigs are uncomfortable and feel weird. How do I convince him to start wearing wigs and give them a try?

Try not to.

Don’t force your boyfriend to do things he’s not comfortable doing. Even if it’s obvious he’s just being stubborn.

Instead try doing characters that have his same hairstyle. Or ask him if he’d rather dye and cut his hair for things.

Eventually he may realize that he’s limited his options by not wearing a wig. And he may grow into the idea himself.

If not that’s okay to. He doesn’t have to wear a wig to be a good Cosplayer. There’s no harm in sacrificing accuracy for comfort.

We all know how much Syler loves cosplaying Loki (can we blame him?) Sheila would you ever be interested in doing Lady Loki? (It's pretty much Sif with Loki's kick ass since of style.)

We’ve talked about it a few times and, despite how much we like some of the designs, we’re just too attached to Loki as himself in the marvel cinematic universe and him with Sigyn. 

We might be doing more loki and another recent character though WINKwonk