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Why were you worried about cosplaying Elsa? If you don't mind my asking.

SHES WICKED PALE. And I am soooo not. Korra/Nilin is my more natural skin tone. 



Its a small insecurity of mine, considering in the past I’ve had comments that I’m too dark to cosplay pale girls (or in other instances: too pale to be dark girls. It never ends.) I pull off brunettes and black haired girls better than blondes. 

Not to mention the costume was just difficult. Difficult and tedious and expensive. 


Anyone having similar insecurities, please know that I encourage you to challenge them and do them anyway!!!

Because I knew that doing Elsa while being not pale enough/good enough would make me happier than not doing her at all.

Can you show us your tumblr stats and likes?

……. ??? This??

Or like crushes..?

And you can see all our likes here.

Are you guys EVER going to do live streams again? (please sayyes)

We actually have some other video project planned thats EVEN BETTER. But it won’t start until after SDCC because we are swamped trying to get costumes done. 

How do you know so much about cosplay? Is there a website full of tutorials you can link us to?


I know a lot about cosplaying because I’ve been doing it for nearly 6 years! And I’ve had people asking me questions about it here on tumblr almost 4! 

Plus I’m insane, and I collect tutorials around the internet and read guides etc… it’s all just time and experience. I spend a lot of time researching craft, skills, ideas, etc for you guys and for myself. And I’ve had a lot of experience looking through other cosplays, building something that fails, and generally being stuck in projects.

There IS a website full of cosplay tutorials though, and every good cosplayer should have it bookmarked. 

Hi! I was wondering if at Anime Expo if you will be accepting gifts? I hand made a figure for each of you and wanted to know if you both would accept them? I'm just super shy when it comes to approaching people and I wanted to know if it would be alright to give them to you beforehand? :) Thank you!

AWWWWW Sure!! Omgah thats the sweetest thing! 

And lord, you know you don’t have to give us things, right? We’d be happy to just meet and talk with you!

But yes we will accept what you have to give us— we won’t shut down the table if you offer something so nice, hahah! 

That fake blood anon answer has 57 notes!

 What are my devious followers doing in their cosplay life?

Did you follow a tutorial/pattern to make elsa's corset? If so, which one?

Nope! I bought a corset instead! Which I then altered by taking out the front zipper and sewing it closed, then taking out a lace up back and adding a zipper of my own. 

If it's not bothersome to ask, I had a few questions about the lovely Loki horns you made, please. I was wondering how you applied the shellac to loki's horns? Did you have any trouble while applying it? Also, what particular seller did you buy the worbla sheets from, and how is the whole piece attached to Sylar's face? Thank you so much and I apologize for the slew of questions.

1. Shellac spray!

2. Cosplay Supples!

3. An elastic band! (its super leightweight!)

do you have a good fake blood recipe?


Theres a million ways but honestly the key is color. When you use food coloring — make sure to mix in a bit of green and blue to get the right dark, reddish brown shade. Real blood is never a straight red. 

What did you use to make Jack Frost's cane?

Plaster wall patch strips and a pvc pipe!

We used this tutorial — except we used pipe, and heated it up to bend it into shape. 

Hey! I'm attempting a Joffery Baratheon cosplay, and I find that the outfit I have in mind (like all his outfits) has highly elaborate embroidery. I was wondering how to begin to even replicate that because I can't find fabrics, even online, that come close to that sort of pattern or something similar. And embroidering all that would probably kill me. Would you have any ideas? -- THANK YOU BTW FOR ALL THE COSPLAY ADVICE YOU GIVE AND SHARE!! I know we all really appreciate it!!

Spoonflower is a thing! 

I know a lot of GoT cosplayers who use an overlay method — where they find the base color of the costume and a relief lace or netting with a similar design that they use to overlay the base. 

Honestly though — double check upholestry shops. Look online for jacquards. I bet you will find something similar. 

Hi, on your Elsa corset- 1. Did you sew that zipper in? That's brilliant! 2. Are those vinyl pieces that you're cutting up? Can I ask where you got them and if you think you'll be able to maintain good flexibility with them?

1. Yes I did! Thanks! I didn’t want to have to lace it up — but if you do this be sure to take into account the mount of space you loose by taking out the ties and putting in the zipper — you wouldn’t want to get a small and then with the zipper not be able to close it! 

2. No! I’m using Recollections Aqua foil paper. (no longer available online) It has a pretty metallic shine and corrugated ribbing texture.  It was 25 cents at Michaels! I had to buy 7 sheets to cover the whole corset. I reckon I will have as much mobility as a normal corset does. I can bend over, sit down, and move my arms just fine. No yoga positions though. : ) 

Your AoA Loki is fabulous! I had a question about the craft foam midsection armor though, if you don't mind. I made my body mid section armor for Tauriel out of craft foam as well and I noticed that I'm not able to bend or move my midsection normally because of the foam. Do you find yourself having the same problem with Loki or did I just go terribly wrong with something?

YEp. Same problem. Craft foam is only flexible to a point, and since we layed so much of it in the scales it limit Sylar from sitting down or bending over.  Just one of the sacrifices of not making joints in it for articulation.

Hey guys I bought a Ciel Phantomhive cosplay online and it ended up being great quality but I'm having some trouble with the bow on the back of his coat. (It's his normal blue outfit, btw) I'm not sure what fabric they used, but it just sort of slouches when I'd like it to "poof" up a but more? Is there a ways to do that without too much money/work? I'm terrible with a sewing machine, but can always try if needed. Also, it just clips on the back and I'm wondering if you think I should sew it on?

I would buy some armature wire and cut a small hole in the bow (assuming its a lined bow) to thread the wire through. Then I would bend and puff it up accordingly by manipulating the wire!

I am in desperate need of help. I'm working on a Borderlands 2 cosplay of Maya and I'm super stuck on the bodysuit. I know you've probably been asked this before but how the heck did you make yours? I have zero experience with sewing anything this complicated so I'm starting to drown D:

I bought a base and altered it (bigger hip windows).

Then I bought a yellow hoodie sweater at goodwill, and cut out all the pieces of it to attach to the unitard with Fabric Tac. (Heat n Bond works great too.) 

For the silver parts, I used fabric paint. I also tried it with Craft foam, which made that part look sleeker. (The collar is also craft foam.) 

Then I lined everything with a jumbo black sharpie. 

Good Luck! (see my costume up close)