Sheila & Sylar's day to day, outside and inside of Cosplay.

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I saw Sylar on the bus and I got too shy to say anything or tell him that I'm a huge fan of you both. Instead I got nervous and just kind of watched him over my DS.


We don’t bite I swear!!! And we both have gotten good at doing all the talking if you have nothing to say. I promise we’re friendly and we love speaking to people! 

So next time please say hi!!  

What's the hardest part of a cosplay costume (Corset, armor, accessory) for you personally? And why? (Cause I can make staffs and helmets and stuff, but is crap at sewing :D)

Anything fabric wise. I can tackle most props and armor with ease since I have so much experience in it now. And I’m very confident in my paint job if not my craftsmanship. 

But I can’t sew for a damn. 

How did you pattern out the loki cosplay? i cant seem to figure it out

I made my own patterns for Sylar’s Jotunheim Loki costume. 

I plan on writing a blog entry about the entire process this weekend — so look out for it!  

For the Dishonored mask (which is...just...I mean...WOW), what did you use for those gold straps/pins that connect the jaw to the upper lip?

Gold armature wire! 

Shelia, for your Miku cosplays, do you use the same wig? I want to cosplay a few of Miku's outfits and I don't know if it would be a problem or not if I used the same wig, when Miku's hair changes shades like every other video. Especially in Project Diva.

Ehhhh it really depends on how drastically different it is. I mean, in most of the costumes I’ve done its the same color. But for instance, in Miku Append her hair is considerably lighter than my wig. But I still used it because I couldn’t be bothered buying a new one. 

Honestly, unless her hair is a different style, I don’t use other wigs because it gets EXPENSIVE.  There is always photoshop (which I used to make my blue wig seem green in my Meltdown Miku costume.)

Either way, Its all up to what you feel you want to do. If you want to— go for it! Its only that more accurate. And if you dont, then don’t stress on it. I don’t think its a big deal and I doubt anyone else will either. 

Hey there! Are there any games you two really enjoy playing?

Hurrrr thats hard. Sylar and I pretty much love ALL kinds of video games. Especially the ones we cosplay from. Skyrim (any elder scrolls actually), Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Fable, Dishonored, and League of Legends. 

We also love Halo, Dead or Alive, Final Fantasy, Portal, Borderlands, and so on.

Sheila also loves Professor Layton, Project Diva, KOTOR, JSRF, Bioshock, Myst, Tomb Raider, and a ton more. 

Sylar loves Warriors Orochi, Dynasty Warriors, Soul Caliber, Starcraft, Aeon and a bunch more.

Our lists could really go on forever.  

Have you ever considered getting a nose job - to sheila

I have — but I’m to scared and squeamish of surgery to ever REALLY consider it! But yeah… I don’t like my nose all that much. 

It is, however, something I can live with. My fear of doctor’s knives outweighs the insecurities I have about my nose. 

the riddlers jacket is green

Yeah I know! And it’s kind of annoying!! 

Cause in his in-game model, his jacket is green (with purple question marks) and his the giant ? in the back is yellow!!

Honestly, with such badass redesigns of everyone in the Arkham games, we were super excited for the Riddler. But I think the overkill green and purple and yellow makes him a bit cartoony again. 

Sylar and I prefer his promo art!

Which I know is stylized grayscale for drama, but we think it looks more aesthetically pleasing anyway. So we decided on a grey suit with green embellishments. For a more dramatic, grungy look. 

So really, its still accurate. We’re just being picky.  

Will you eventually end up making a cosplay of Belle's hunting outfit too? That one looks SO cool! XD

I’D LOVE TO!! You have no idea how upset I that she got such a badass costume when I BARELY JUST finished her blue one. 

I’d like to, but we’ll see. It depends on what we plan to do after our schedule.

Do you guys have any cosplays we don't know about?

What like… secret cosplays? No…not that I know of. 

There’s a ton of costumes we have done that aren’t really popular or people don’t know we’ve done them. Like Yoruichi, Fang, Hiccup from HOTYD, Nozomu from Sayonara goodbye sensei and Saya from blood+… but those are all on our website. 

We cosplayed young Snape and Lily Potter once and I don’t even have pictures of that. Sylar also did Mashiro from Bakuman….

Thank you for that last post. I am new to costuming and cosplaying. I look around and I just see all these amazing cosplays and costumes and I just feel like I almost shouldn't even try

We felt that way too! And we still do today! 

He often times let our self conscious insecurities get the better of us.

But hang onto the feeling you get when you cosplay. The happiness from hard work turned into your favorite character. We love slipping into someone elses shoes and being who we want to. Thats what helps us get over our doubts!

Is Sylar gay or something? Because I don't think that anyone completely straight can cosplay Grell so awesomely!

Well since we’ve been dating for four years, I think we can safely say Sylar is not gay! Not that his word shouldn’t count for it anyway. 

He is however, a fantastic fucking actor.

And as feminine as Grell is, and admittedly homosexual in the series, we both agree that being flamboyant and outspoken is not always the traits of a gay man. And remember that one does not have to be the character to act well!

Just cause he cosplays Loki doesn’t mean he’s evil. (Well maybe a little — that was a bad example.) ;D 

What the heck, why is Sylar;s level of badassery seemingly exactly the same?

Hahah! If it makes a difference, he bought the Lelouch costume. And the Loki one we made from scratch with our own patterns.

What's something you find cute/endearing about each other like a small tick/tell/habit that they don't realize that they do?

Sheila’s laugh is one of Sylar’s favorite things about her. So he’s constantly trying to make her laugh. 

Sheila loves Sylar’s amused chuckle. Or an exasperated ‘that’s ridiculous’ little smirk. 

Voice actor? Doesn't Sylar have some kind of contingency plan since I heard its a tough industry & could have problems financially and whatnot? :/


Sylar is very determined to his trade. And we both believe that people who set their goals, put forth the immense effort, time and devotion are the ones who make it. It may take a few years, but we’re both ready for that. 

Setting ourselves up with doubts is never a good or confident idea.