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FYI! New questions added to the FAQ!

  1. How to you keep your wigs so clean?/How do I untangle my wig?
    We use hair detangler to keep our wigs clean, and hairspray from getting them untangled. Always use a wig brush and brush form the bottom of the strands, to the roots. Also this tutorial will work wonders on your wigs!

  2. How old are you guys?
    Sylar is 19 and Sheila is 21.

  3. Do you guys diet/work out? How do you stay fit?
    We don’t diet, work out, or exercise.* We are terrible at being healthy. We love our fast food, our sweets, and playing video games. Though both of us do walk a lot out of necessity.

    *Recently, we have been lifting weights and toning our muscles for our Korra & Tahno cosplays. But this is the first time we’ve attempted such a thing. Regardless, we have not changed our diet at all.

  4. How long have you been dating?
    3 years and some months!

  5. What fabric should I use for “——-” cosplay?
    Fabric in cosplay is highly interpretive. It’s all about what you think is going to look best. There are no rules in cosplay, especially since your making a costume, not a true piece of fabric for daily wear. So your fabric choices are unlimited. You have to pick out the fabric yourself!

    The best thing I can advise with fabric is to print out or bring a lot of reference pictures of your costume with you to the fabric store or to good will or wherever you get your material. Then walk down the aisles and try and match the color as best you can. When you got your color, FEEL the fabric and see if its too heavy or too light for what your making. Do you want shiny fabric? See through fabric? Leather? Rough and heavy for a jacket? Use your best judgement!

    Now that these questions are added on the FAQ — I will NOT be answering any of these in the inbox!
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Frequently. Asked. Questions

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Our FAQ Video. 

Which is kind of long…. sorry. TLDR this is what we answer:

How old are you?
How did you meet?
What are your hobbies besides cosplay?
What got you into cosplay?
What were your first cosplays?
Favorite characters?
What are your cosplay inspirations?
Can I marry Sylar?
How do you handle fangirls?
What cosplays are you doing next?
What are your plans for the future?
How do you make armor?
What conventions are you going to next?
Do you do commissions?
-Lightening round of a bunch of random general questions-

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