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I'm sorry if you get this a lot, but do either of you speak Japanese or something of the sort?

Sheila is conversationally fluent in japanese! Casual conversations are a breeze for her — but her Kanji is horrible.

Sylar learns what he can from her!

I really really like you guys and I think you're a nice couple, but it's getting really really hard to be happy that you guys are so in love when it's on my dash everyday all day. I like you two and I like following your blog.I used to think it was really cute ow comfortable you are with all the PDA but now It sort of feel like you're rubbing it in my face.

I’m not sure whatto say anon besides we apologize! It’s never our intention to rub anything in anyone’s face. Especially not our relationship. I apologize for offending you in any way with our affection with each other.

I must admit that there has been a lot of annoying lovey dovey mushy stuff between us on our blog — I was hoping to space it out — but we are going through a casual downtime in our cosplay life momentarily, so old stuff gets reblogged a lot. Or you just see lots of casual stuff.

Not to mention, Tahno and Korra were our first actual shipped couple cosplay in some time. Since Hawke and Fenris — and for some reason PDA is wanted a hell of a lot more with tahnorra is something else. We were only trying to please our other followers — sorry to not think of you too!

I promise, we won’t be like this for long. We have new costumes to be made this week, two photoshootes scheduled and more. Its really only because of Tahorra and our down time. We’ll be hard at work on serious projects soon.

Please do keep in mind that we can’t help who reblogs our stuff or how many times. And thank you so much for messaging us so politely anon!

when will you be doing more ustreams like the tahnorra ones?! i love you guys <3

We’re actually planning on another Livestream for this next week!

We just can’t decide what you guys would like to see.

More Tahorra? Just us in casual clothes?

Let us know in our askbox, fanmail, or by commenting on this ask!

So you are in 2 relationships?

Wait what? 2 relationships? As in more than one relationship?

Let’s see if I can clarify the situation for you anon.

This tumblr ‘Aicosu’ is run by Sheila & Sylar. A cosplaying couple. Sylar is a boy and Sheila is a girl. We are dating each other. We cosplay together. We are only dating, each other. :)

Hopefully that’s a bit more clear! We know our blog can be a bit confusing sometimes!

wait, so are you both girls? I can never tell with cosplay....

Nope! Sylar (Tahno) is indeed a male. Sheila is a girl and we are a heterosexual couple.

I just wanted to advise against joining Otaku House contests until they have a better hold on the nasty comments that are posted to cosplayers pics. It's very very bad and these comments go all out with the most appalling things to say. Even "Ew kill her she's fugly" and worse.

Really, that happens in a lot more places than Otaku House. Nasty comments aren’t new to us, we’ve dealt with a lot of hate an negativity before. Mostly the reason is we aren’t confident in our skills for such a huge contest. Not yet anyway. And competitions were never why we started cosplaying in the first place.

But thank you for thinking of us anon! Its really awesome to know you would want to save us from such an audience. :)

when do you think Sylar's Ghirahim cosplay will be all fixed up and ready to go? D:

This coming week guys, promise! The photoshoot is coming!

Sheila is currently out in Sedona celebrating her best friends wedding as maid of honor — so we’re a bit busy!