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you guys should put some dragon age prints on your store D: or maybe.. you should put all your cosplay because they are all awesome!!;)

We had some in there when we first opened prints, but they didn’t sell a lot, so we took em out. We only keep the popular ones in there.

But maybe we’ll put some back in. :)

Heeeey do you guys still have some of the Loki prints for sale? :3

We do! We’re extended the date on them — AGAIN! Hahah! They are actually really popular, so they may stay in the store indefinitely.

When your cosplays are in cosplay videos, do they approach you and ask you to film on the spot or do you plan beforehand to meet up at the con to be filmed for them?

It depends!

Most usual is when they approach you and ask you to be in their video. From there they ask if you have time now or if you want to do it later in the day.  Then they ask what your cosplaying the rest of the weekend, in case they might want to film those too.

But after you meet them a few times, then they schedule things with you before hand. It just depends on whether you know the camera man or not.

But even then thats not always true. It really just depends on each camera person. :)

Know where I can find a wig like deviantart cosplayer: ryoko-demon, Bad Girl (Harley Quinn cosplay)?


Ryoko-demon is one my idol cosplayers. SHES AMAZING.

But thing is, she’s so incredible, she styles all her own wigs herself. Usually from the base of it. So no matter what kind of wig I link you, it won’t be exactly like hers unless you style it that way. Even then, it won’t be exact.

My advice would be to buy a twin tails wig, and then trim it all like hers. Choppy in some places with more layers to feather the whole thing.

Are you going to send replies to e-mails any time soon or should we give up on getting price quotes for commissions from you?

I announced a few weeks ago that my commissions are indefinitely closed until further notice, because of the heavy costumes I have to make the next couple months.

I announced this on my website as well, unless I have already contacted you through email (I took on some small prop commissions) I won’t be sending our any more price quotes.

Sorry about that Anon! I wish I could work on more stuff, but with our costumes and school it gets a bit much. Perhaps at a later date?

What're your views on pregnant cosplay? Fan couples and real. Just curious how other costumers view this before I bother trying at the next con coming up.


Its a rare occurance that pregnant cosplayers get to cosplay pregnant characters. And at conventions everyone always squeals with delight to see those characters. Especially if its a real baby, thats just way too damn cute and adorable.

ASJKDAHNWF JAFAR!? :D Can Sylar dress as Jafar for photos sometime!?!?

It is our plan that when we get older and retire, we’ll cosplay Jafar and Maleficent together. ;D

Is it just me, or does Sylar always seem to be striking an evil pose in all of your out of costume pictures? Like's he's plotting something... (a very Loki-ish look, I might add)

Sylar is naturally a pretty schemy, shady guy. It’s why he cosplays so many villians and evil characters. In fact, instead of being heros and stuff for Halloween when he was little, he dressed up as Jafar.

So he tends to be mischievous in pictures.

how much does Sylar like Sheila's butt?

So much.

When I'm upset with someone, or something, I tend to just come to your guys' blog and look at all your posts and then I get inspired to make something beautiful, and then I'm not so upset anymore.

Oh my god messages like these make me feel so tiny and loved. Thank you so much!!! We surely try to do our best and share what we love!

Where oh where did you get your Black Sabbath/Iron Man shirt? It's amazing!

Its totally worth it.

Don't joke about getting married. BT I almost lost my shit and was gonna 'ALKDJF;ASKDFJ ;LKASF(⊙△⊙✿)!!!!!' all over your ask. BTTTT


Oh you guys know you all would be the first to know. Considering our wedding is supposed to be a huge convention and you all are invited. :P

No but it will be fun, because we will be taking wedding like photos in the FFXI cosplays, and take some chapel photoshoots.

According to some sources, today's Cosplay day! So... Happy Cosplay day, guys. Stay beautiful and awesome as always <3

Awesome!!! Thank you! AND YOU TOO!!

Happy Cosplay DAY!

So I see you at conventions all the time and I always want to say hi, but I don't want it to be weird, like oh hi I know who you are but you have no idea who I am, so how should I approach you? I think we could be friendly acquaintances :p

Just come up and say hello! I promise we aren’t very hard to talk to! We love meeting new people and we really are way more dorky and socially awkward in real life. :P

Honestly! Just come up and say hello! We’ll do the rest!

Does sylar cosplay young grell too? if so, do you have pictures?

He did actually!

Though we don’t have a photoshoot of it yet.