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I’m selling my Margaery Tyrell cosplay.

I’ve auctioned it on ebay since I know a lot of people were interested in buying it. So now you all have a chance.

I was reluctant to do it since I’m so proud of this dress — but I’m never gonna wear it again and someone should! 

The information on the dress is listed.  THE ROSE BROOCH IS NOT INCLUDED but as I say, I will be willing to make one for you for an extra 50$ and some time to complete the order. Sorry that’s expensive, but I w ould make it from Worbla and it does take some time for something so delicate. 

If you have any questions let me know! I have tons of pictures too!

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The coat I’m making is one from my Apple designs! This one is a bit more difficult, because I literally drew the most impossible front closure/lapel combo. Right now I’ve got my pieces all set (also not using any patterns) and ready to be sewn together. Then comes the green collar, lapels and lining. 

I started it today — It has to be finished by tomorrow night and ready for friday!!  >_<

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So in case you guys have been wondering if we were dead or something… 

Nope! Just ridiculously busy. This Friday is my Senior Art Show, and I decided I didn’t really have anything impressive to show. So I decided to make two costumes. One gown and one coat. In a week.

I made this dress in about two days! It’s made from chiffon and mesh, with some upholstery fabric for the bars.  It’s based on a concept for character that is a figurehead — or a puppet within some grander organization. I wanted the woman to feel constrained. Beautiful, elegant and caged, like her movement and walking was as scripted as her speeches. 

I am using NO PATTERNS. Which sucks.

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More costume concept homework… Elizabethan Dresses.  Hurghhhh I’ve done some many concepts lately I’m getting exhausted!

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So as I mentioned last week — I was assigned a project to draw 88 illustrations of an apple. 

And I’m finally DONE! Here’s all 88 designs if you would like to see them. 

I decided to do costume/fashion concepts based on Apples for men and women. There’s green apples, red apples, gala apples, apple strudel, apple cider, turnovers, apple pie, caramel apples, appletinis, apple fritters and more. 

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This week on Sheila’s costume concept design homework… Uniforms! 

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Homework for my Portfolio class.

I’m trying to build my costume portfolio full of concepts and design sketches for potential costume ideas. These are some of the things I’ve thought up this week.

I suppose the overall theme is kind of mix of futuristic avante garde? 

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Star Wars, Boba Fett - Cosplay Progress (Commission)

Trying to get the helmet done. Right now its a ton of template cutting and organizing. But I’m trying to get the helmet fully assembled, spackled, and then sealed by tomorrow night so I can paint it and finish it on Monday.

After that its the bracers, kneepads and chest pieces, but I’m hoping to get those done by the time the helmets done too…

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These are the outtakes to our entry! Enjoy our goofing around and Isabella’s amazing voice!

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Listen up Bioware Cosplaying Followers!!

I know that a bunch of you follow me! All you Hawkes, Fenrises, Shepards and more!

Bioware is having an international Costume Contest!

Find out more here.

All you have to do to enter is submit a youtube video of yourself in costume by August 20th 2011.

It can be a costume from any Bioware made game!

Guys, pleeaassseee. DO THIS CONTEST. Winner gets $500 to the Bioware store and a signed Mass effect hoodie. Thats games, merchandise, artwork… (theres also a second and third prize.)

Honestly though, you should do it because its an wonderful opportunity. The Bioware staff are amazing people. The reputation is enough to try and YOU NEVER KNOW IF YOU’LL WIN OR NOT!!! Seriously, even though we won stuff at SDCC I think the most valuable thing we earned from simply BEING THERE was meeting Bioware. 

I know if you try hard you can do it!!

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