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What is your favorite glue? I'm gluing horns into a headband and I want something sturdy, strong and fast to dry. Any suggestions or what is your preferred and most dependable superglue?
whats your opinion on the ebay item itm/Invisible-Self-Adhesive-Silicone-Cup-B-C-D-Push-Up-Strapless-Breast-Bra-F02Z-/310396627061?pt=US_CSA_WC_Intimates&var=&hash=item484514a875#ht_6072wt_960. I've tried the Silicone Petal Tops but I didn't like how it looked in my cosplay.

It really depends on what you are putting on overtop. Different materials react differently to different types of bras! However I have a pair of this bra and it works for what I need it for. It’s supportive enough and smooth enough to wear for strapless tops and tops that require cleavage or non visible bra lines.

sorry to be a bother but I've send a message earlier and was wondering if you got it. Its about this bra that I'm wondering of purchasing for my cosplays from a website called yesstyle its an Invisible Push-up Bra. Just wondering on your option about it or if you have another solution.

Sorry! I deleted your message because it was a fan mail and therefore I couldn’t reply to it!

Send it as an ask and I’ll give you my opinion.