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Check out all the costumes we wore at Anime Expo this weekend!!! Photos by Eurobeat Kasumi!

Photoshoots & PRINTS coming soon!

Starting Anime Expo in style!!

Starting Anime Expo in style!!

Just in time for the Korra Premiere — Sylar’s Varrick is finished!!! (except the mustache, we want to make a real one!)

Just in time for the Korra Premiere — Sylar’s Varrick is finished!!! (except the mustache, we want to make a real one!)

To celebrate the Legend Of Korra Book 3: Change coming out NEXT FRIDAY THE 27TH — here’s a complete set of our Korra & Tahno cosplays!! 

Cosplay by Aicosu! 

Zhu-Li is officially finished and ready to TO DO THE THING!

So glad that’s done. Both her and Varrick are done. The earliest convention we will debut them at is PCC (if we attend, still unsure) Anime Expo, and SDCC.

Varrick - Avatar, Cosplay Progress

Finished! It’s late and Sylar already left to San Fran so he can’t try it on… but Varrick is finished. It looks hella ridiculous on my mannequin, since it’s not made for a girl, but hey! Done. 

The jacket and tunic were made from scratch with my own patterns, and the pants are nurse’s scrubs! which are by far the best kind of pants for Avatar cosplays. I’ve used scrubs for Korra, Zuko, Azula and now Varrick. 

I’ll see if I can get Zhu-Li done tomorrow. 

Jackets for Varrick and Zhu-Li! 

Varrick Cosplay Progress! 

I’m going through all our livestreams and shortening them down to about 10 minutes of highlights! 

Here’s our first one as Tahno & Korra! 

I’ll be doing the rest soon, and transferring them to our Youtube.



ARGJFGFHB— MY favorite Korra!! And Our good friend Gackto as Mako!






ARGJFGFHB— MY favorite Korra!! And Our good friend Gackto as Mako!

Citizens of Republic City…


After I take your bending away, you will be nothing.”

Do you like Amon and want to be him?  Do you hate Amon and still want to be him?  Then read on:

The handsome fellow at Kommissar Props (I might be a little bias) wants to gear you up with an amazing Amon replica mask.  Perfect for cosplay, a gift for a Legend of Korra fan, for wall decoration or for Halloween!  Confident in your painting skills?  For a lower price, you can buy a raw cast of the mask and paint it up yourself.  Or, spend a bit more and get the fully sanded, painted and finished mask.

Seriously, guys, pictures do not do it justice (I’ve gotten to ogle it in person and run around the apartment like a dork in it), but have a few anyway:

Gallery with more shots angles available Here! (photography by the wonderful Mike Wijenayake)

For pricing and availability, head over to Kommissar Props and send a private message.  You can also see some amazing photos of his process while sculpting and crafting the mask.

This mask is totally fucking baller don’t miss out.

“Benders of every nation would rally behind your untimely demise, but I assure you, I have a plan. And I’m saving you for last, then you’ll get your duel, and I will destroy you.”

Pimping out our buddy over at Kommissar props! Seriously, Kai’s stuff is ALWAYS quality and absolutely stunning! If you guys want an Amon mask, he’s the one to do it!


i made these buttons as mini prints too because they are big enough and you can see the detail better that way ok i guess…

watermarked these just because the resolution is big sorry AND I AM UPLOADING THEM BECAUSE i realized i didn’t yet oh

Spatsula also gave us some of these amazing Korra buttons at Anime Expo too!! Sorry we didn’t add photos of them — your buttons are on Sylar’s laptop bag thats not with us right now! But we didn’t forget! And we loved meeting you — you were so nice and SO PRETTY!  <3

But please, let us give you prints too!! AND EVERYONE GO CHECK OUT HER AWESOME ART!

Anime Expo Artist Alley Swag!

We’re late to talk about it but we want to share with you guys all the AMAZING art we bought and were gifted at Anime Expo this year!

Please click the ‘Read More’ for links to some AMAZING Artists. 

And to all the artists featured here — please click after the jump and read how to get free prints from us!! We want t give you a thank you!!

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I told myself I’d start uploading more sketches.

These all were the cuts/doodles for this past comic. Mosly Tahno ahh.

So this is like the best thing in my life right now.

These sketches are stunning! It’s like we’re seeing his state of mind.

And that Amon sketch of blurryness is just awesome and scary.



Asami- berndorIroh II- bladeburner01Bolin- avatarzaraphoto- solo-forever 




Asami- berndor
Iroh II- bladeburner01
Bolin- avatarzara
photo- solo-forever