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Photoshop Disasters 

My follower and friend ionsfolly mentioned this website where they show examples of obvious photoshops in the world today, and the extent they go to (and get away with.) Thanks for the share!

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What Everyone Should See

I say this — because everyone should be aware of the Media’s masks that tamper with our self image and self projection.

Most of my followers here know about some of the Adobe Photoshop issues I have brought up in the past to spread awareness.

And today is no different.

I want to share this with you, because I myself was completely shocked and just… baffled at the extent that companies go to in order to create images. 

I was shopping online with a friend, and I had remembered seeing H&M clothing in the mall, and told her to visit their site for their new line. After awhile, we began to notice something that unraveled into complete madness…


The model in the picture above is quite pretty no? I don’t exactly like the clothes, but her face is fresh and her skin clean, and a petite body shape. It may not be the most comfortable pose to be in (so it looks like) but it’s nothing out of the ordinary as a model. Or from a clothing website or magazine.

But then we noticed… 

She was everywhere. 

At first we just thought they had used the model multiple times. That’s common isn’t it? But the same pose— the same face? The same hands? I refuse to believe that she could change this amount of times and still take the most immaculate exact pose.

Are they just photo shopping clothes onto her body? 
Now, as someone in the world of cosplay and photo-shoots — I know quite a bit about photo-shopping in the modeling world. As I have posted in the past to bring attention to others… PHOTOSHOP does happen. I try pretty hard to make sure everyone is aware that models are airbrushed, thinned out, made taller, given makeup, changed skin tone, changed hair length and color, and distorted from their original image. I even know that online stores will change the color of a product in photoshop rather than take a picture of it.

I make sure to be aware of what photoshop can do, what to expect, and what to be aware of — so that way no image will ever make me feel bad, or give me the wrong expectations.

But never, until now, have I seen what H&M is doing. 

And it gets worse.

It’s not just the one model. Pay special attention to the hands.

H&M is photo-shopping the head’s of their models onto one body — and then preceding to photoshop different clothes ON TOP of that clone. 

This body is used for every model’s head, and a new set of clothes. So this body does not even belong to the model — and the clothes aren’t even on the body!!

It’s so crazy, I laughed until I cried. It’s insanity. 

Now — how do I know that the CLOTHES are photo-shopped on top of the fake body?

Check out this model. Thankfully, H&M offers a zoom feature where we can inspect their failure shop jobs. 

Doesn’t the skirt look like it’s been cut and pasted onto her body? We get this feeling because she is wearing a baggy shirt — and yet there is no cinching or wrinkled in it when its tucked into her skirt! 

AND CHECK OUT THAT HAND. Not only is her thumb sporting 6 joints, but her hand is floating in a void outside of her body! They couldn’t cut the skirt out well enough to fit into the pose of her hand.

By the way ladies, we are not alone. The men get the same treatment. 

I am not even going to point out that all of their heads have been cut down, waists elongated and of course, no wrinkles on their floating sticker clothes. 

I scoured H&M’s website and these are only half of the pictures I came across. Please! Go there now and see it for yourself.

Luckily, the children are still safe. I also hit up Victoria Secret, Express, and a few other sites. Only ‘normal’ Photoshop airbrushing going on there. No clone armies with pin on clothes.  However, this is not the first fault of H&M — who made the mistake of erasing an entire model’s face in a photoshop accident. Funny enough, the model is also sporting floating clothes and a stranger’s body. 

At this point, it doesn’t even seem like H&M is trying to make their models more beautiful or thinner. They just seem lazy and unprofessional.

I share this with all of you, because I want you to simply be aware. 

It’s hard to fight photoshop in the media today. It’s prominent and originally it began as a simple enhancer of photos and touchup’s. And for those of you that use it (as do I) you know that it can be very handy. 

Again guys…I’m not saying Photoshop is good, but I’m not saying it’s bad either. 

But what is bad is not being aware that Photo Shop is happening to almost every image you see. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Don’t allow any models to make you feel bad about yourself or others. 

This applies to everything — not just cosplay and modeling. But teen’s magazines, celebrities, tv shows, movies.

You need to be aware for your own sake. You need to realize that the world in media is a whole lot of tricks to make you think what your looking at is perfect. 

Just know that is happening, that is all I want by sharing this with you. I want to make sure you realize what is real and what is not. I don’t want anyone to be deceived and feel bad about themselves, because of a lie.

Also… be aware that when something doesn’t look right on you when you buy it… that NEVER means that you’re the problem.

Please help spread to your friends what’s going on. You don’t have to reblog, but just let them know what photoshop is capable of. 

If any of you know of any more sites doing this same method — let me know in an ask or reply and I will list those sites and companies in this post below. 

Hot Topic does this to an extent. They shop clothes onto similar models — although less noticeable they do cut off all the heads on the models anyway. Thanks Urbanberber.

Sue920 pointed us in the direction of Looklet. A site where one plays dress up. Apparently H&M is using this tool to change their models. Thanks for the source!!

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Again guys, I’m not saying photoshop is good or bad.

And I am certainly no exception. I use photoshop too. I set my limitations my own rules, but still, I just want people to be AWARE of photoshop happening.  

Just think twice when your looking through DeviantArt, Tumblr, Cure or any cosplay picture shown to you. Take it with a bit of salt and don’t let pictures that can potentially be post-processed get you or your confidence down.

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Here is another example of a photoshop job that changes a cosplay completely.

Again, I’m not saying its good or bad. (Though imo I can’t really see why they changed so much, she’s an amazing Nel either way.)

I just want everyone to be aware that these changes are being made. All the time, everyday, with a lot more photos than you think.  

And its not just cosplay. This happens in magazines and makeup displays all the time. Celebrity’s buy contracts where, no photo of them can be released without a photoshop job. 

I want cosplayers to be aware though, since this is a hobby about accuracy and craft. And photoshop makes some of those perfect cosplays reach that perfection.

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I want all my followers, especially all the cosplayers out there, to watch this video and think twice whenever you see an amazing photo online.

When I first started cosplaying I remember being awed and amazed at perfect looking cosplayers. All races, asian, american, russian etc…. Perfect costumes and clean faces, even looking almost a bit unreal with their beauty. Even as I felt I was starting to get better I always felt insecure that my photos came out looking not so great. 

I want to share this video so you guys realize how many things are corrected by photoshop. And I want you to also be aware that this is very common. 

He doesn’t just changed her size and make her skinny. He alters her facial features, fixes the craftsmanship of her seams, makes her costume the accurate color, gives her makeup, makes her eyes wider, cleans her wig, elongates her arm, and softens her complexion.

I have seen photoshop jobs completely change pictures — AND I have seen them subtly fix things that make big differences in costumes.

I just want everyone to be aware. I’m not saying that photoshop is good or bad. I just want people to be aware of pretend perfectness. Don’t let random photos of perfectly anime looking cosplayers (OR MODELS/CELEBRITIES IN MAGAZINES) make you feel insecure. There are always real world inaccuracies in everybody, thats what makes cosplay so unique.

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