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We were up late last night finishing up Oberyn and Ellaria! 

Oberyn was made from an altered pattern for a bath robe! And we are making Ellaria’s necklace from some buttons and clasps I had and a belt we found. 


Ellaria Sand — FINISHED!  (except of the tiny black scales I have to draw on all the leather)

I finished this in 4 hours. I think thats a personal record for me! I used NO PATTERNS.  I DONT RECOMMEND DOING THIS.

Not pictured: The armbands and necklace. Both are done but I didnt take pictures



So we discovered tonight (the day before we plan on wearing Elsa) that Sylar has a hidden talent for styling wigs. 

I’ve always done the majority of the costume work. Props, sewing, makeup, etc… And wigs have always been stressful and annoying for me, I’m not the best at them. 

And after nearly breaking down on myself trying to make Elsa — Sylar stepped in just to calm me down — only to unleash his unknown magic touch to both our bafflement 

So its him that styled the wig 100% and its drop dead gorgeous!

Its also a big thanks to our friend Izzy for letting me borrow her wig to style and use for AX!

Elsa sleeves and cape are pretty much done. 

Sylar’s taking care of the aftermath. 

All thats left is to sew the top together… and do the wig. OTL


Credit: Oh I’m using AngelicLuka’s stencils for the snowflakes!

More Elsa progress today! 

I got the skirt done (with a fair amount of trouble.) I didn’t like how different the skirt fabric was to the corset, so I spray painted (the poor-mans dye) to make a gradient. Its a little dark, but theres no going back now. 

We got the cape all sorted out too! I chose a very transluscent material for the cape as I want it to look very airy. And the snowflakes will also be more transluscent than opaqe. 

Sylar’s been the best boyfriend in the fucking world during all this. He’ll be take charge of cutting out all the snowflake stencils and glittering them while I make the top. 


Elsa’s Shoes! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*・゜゚・*☆

They are not comfortable at all, but beauty is a sacrifice. 

I used this tutorial! 

We made some invisible shoes for Sylar’s Jack Frost cosplay using THIS tutorial!

Its great! 

Just in time for the Korra Premiere — Sylar’s Varrick is finished!!! (except the mustache, we want to make a real one!)

Just in time for the Korra Premiere — Sylar’s Varrick is finished!!! (except the mustache, we want to make a real one!)

Its done? Its done. I’m done. Done? DONE? Its done? Its done. Done. I am done. 

I am dead inside. 

Jack Frost cane… finished!!

We’re on a roll!

Just in case anyone was wondering..

Loki’s horn crown was made from scratch! Craft foam wrapped in worbla for the base, sculpy wrapped in worbla for the crest, and insulation foam wrapped in worbla for the horns. It was then coated in Gesso and shellac and painted gold. 

*Cool tip: Writing on the worbla will let you know how many coats of gesso you need — enough to not see the writing anymore! 

Loki - Agent of Asgard, Cosplay Progress - FINISHED!

Finito. Done. No more. Thank god. 

Loki - Agent of Asgard, Cosplay Progress

Also Loki’s armor pieces are all done! His jacket is also nearly finished. I hate the cheapy gold trim though and we still need buckles. after that its the leg armor and the horns and we’re done!