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Amora the Enchantress is finished! I will be wearing her SUNDAY of Wondercon. 

I think I’ll change up my bottoms though, to a different garter set and some less neon booty shorts. 

Pretty good for only having one reference photo I think! But ugh, dark lipstick on me looks terrible.

Amora the Enchantress - Cosplay Progress

Painted some red shoes sparkly GREEN today, was actually. My corset came in too, which I also made glittery. And I also made a ruffle butt skirt. 

I have some puff sleeves, leg armor, and a headdress to make before wondercon. 

My Zatanna Zatara cosplay is pretty much done! Wondercon here I come!

I just can’t decide between the white vest or the gold… or the heels or the boots…..  

What do you guys think?

Varrick - Avatar, Cosplay Progress

Finished! It’s late and Sylar already left to San Fran so he can’t try it on… but Varrick is finished. It looks hella ridiculous on my mannequin, since it’s not made for a girl, but hey! Done. 

The jacket and tunic were made from scratch with my own patterns, and the pants are nurse’s scrubs! which are by far the best kind of pants for Avatar cosplays. I’ve used scrubs for Korra, Zuko, Azula and now Varrick. 

I’ll see if I can get Zhu-Li done tomorrow. 

Jackets for Varrick and Zhu-Li! 

I’m also working on some techniques for Loki’s scale mail armor. 

I got this idea (of cutting leather) from Aziza from Peabody Tailoring!  

I tried some weathering too… maybe its the paint or the scales need some backward ironing to stick out some more, but I think it needs a little something more to make it realistic. 

Varrick Cosplay Progress! 

Guess who said yes to being Booker!?!!?!?

As soon as he said yes I rifled through our closet and put this together from some old clothes and Corvo’s vest. VUA LA! Booker cosplay made in an hour!!!


All ready for ALA tomorrow!!

I’ve worn my Elizabeth costume so many times and have so many pictures it was starting to get boring… so I tore up the costume, weathered it, added a bit of blood and made the game damaged version!! 

Super excited!! Now I just gotta convince Sylar to wear this Booker costume….

Whew!! We made Sylar’s swim pants tonight with some tight work out leggings and blue and white fabric paint! It was slow going and needed a steady hand but I think it turned out alright!

Good to go for Taiyoucon!

Well Gou-kun is nearly finished! 

I’m missing a proper bowtie, a hair clip and a patch, but otherwise this cosplay is done and ready for the Free!Cosplay Cafe!


Your poor, distraught (yet proudly color coordinated) broadcaster, Cecilia,  needs yours help! 

I simply have TOO many options for this cosplay and its driving me MAD. So please, PLEASE pick your favorite so I can finally have a set cosplay for PMX Expo, and I can get to work on my microphone!!

Seriously, look at all these variations of a few pieces of clothing. 


When you cast your vote please also vote on which headphone set you like better! The retro silver one or the sleek purple one!?

Also, bowtie or tie?

Margaery Tyrell - Game of Thrones, Cosplay Progress

All that’s left is my Tyrell rose! 

Please excuse my face. I didn’t do my makeup for Margaery — not that anyone could look like Natalie Dormer aside from Natalie Dormer. (Ugh she’s so perfect.) 

Margaery Tyrell - Game of Thrones, Cosplay Progress

Nearly finished already! I’ve been working on Margaery in between playing the new Dishonored DLC and she’s pretty much done! 

I patterned out the top part completely myself, with no guides, same with the shoulder pads. The circle skirt (my first time making one!) was made with the help of THIS AWESOME TUTORIAL. 

Suprisingly I have a lot of the top jacquard fabric left. Enough to make a whole other top! If any other margaerys out there want it, let me know! or else I will make a matching purse. 

Eat your heart out, Irrational! 

Total time: 5 and a half hours.

That was a hella fun time!!