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out of curiosity, have you ever had someone come up to you at cons at say that they absolutely hated your costume? how would you deal with it?

Fortunately we’ve never had to deal with such a situation!! Honestly we find the cosplay community during conventions to be absolutely amazing. It’s not the ‘person-to-person’ that is ever cruel to us in experience, its the ‘when-they-think-we-can’t-see’ comments we get online or through the grapevine. Or as anonymous messages. Even then, the good feedback always outweigh the bad. 

No, we’ve never had bad criticism in our face, aside from someone challenging sheila on her knowledge of the video game she was cosplaying from. 

As for how we would deal with it, we would most likely ask that personal for a private moment and pull them aside from other and explain to them that while we appreciate and respect their opinion, it isn’t welcome in the setting. We like to avoid drama to the utmost degree and doing so by keeping negativity private is the best way to do so.

More than likely, if it was something small, we’d just nod and laugh and ignore it completely. Because negativity and criticism isn’t why we cosplay.  

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what does silicon spray do for wigs? nobody i know uses it.

Silicone spray is a great kind of detangler, it lubricates up the fibers so they separate much easier. If you have long wigs or trouble with tangling — buy it! That stuff is a miracle worker for knots. Or at least invest in some hair detangler.

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